3600㎡! Unilumin LED Displays Shine on and off the Pitch at the Qatar World Cup

Column:Company News Time:2022-12-01

The Qatar World Cup is in full swing. On the pitch, the 2022 FIFA World Cup is the "last battle" for veterans such as Messi and Modric to engrave their era on public’s mind. There emerge the rising stars on the field and they will kick off another new history. Off the pitch, football fans from around the world are flocking to Qatar, and the country is now a paradise of joy. This year’s Qatar World Cup sees many Chinese elements on and off the pitch attracting the world’s attention. As a representative of Chinese LED technology, Unilumin has provided a total of 3600 square meters of LED screens for Qatar.


01FIFA  Bollywood Concert Undrew the Prelude to the World Cup 
On the eve of the world cup, Unilumin LED screens achieved a highlight. On the Bollywood Concert held at the Lusail Stadium, with ultra-high definition pictures and vibrant soft colors, the Unilumin LED screen created an immersive live music atmosphere that complemented the performance of Bollywood's most popular singer Sunidhi Chauhan and other superstars, offering a passionate artistic carnival to kick off the World Cup!





02FIFA High-definition Presentation of Wonderful Moments in the Stadium
The opening match of Qatar World Cup Group C was played in the afternoon of 22 November Beijing time at the Lusail Stadium. Unilumin’s giant LED scoreboards wintnessed the fierce competition between Saudi Arabia and the world’s leading football team Argentina, and also added to the glamour of this year’s World Cup with its ultra-clear displays and panoramic broadcast view showing every exciting moment to football fans around the world.




03FIFA Unilumin Created a Variety of Supporting Scenes for the Event
From Hamad International Airport to international five-star hotels, from CCTV broadcast hall in Qatar to local landmark shopping malls, Unilumin created exclusive spaces for football fans with a wide range of LED displays and integrated solutions inside and outside the Qatar stadiums, providing a full range of services for the 2022 FIFA World Cup!









Supporting Facilities for Qatar World Cup 

Internationally, Unilumin’s performance at the Qatar World Cup attracted many foreign mainstream media reports such as Asahi Shimbun, Naver News, Yahoo (USA, Australia, Singapore), etc.