18500m2 Giant Screen Light Show in the Ocean Flower Island of Hainan Amazed the World!

Column:Company News Time:2021-04-25

The Spring Festival of 2021 was celebrated with a dazzling light show in the Ocean Flower Island of Hainan. Backed by top-notch technologies, the light show set off against the fabulous buildings turned the Ocean Flower Island into a fairyland-like pearl on the sea. It made a splendid visual feast for both locals and tourists across the world.Reputed as the Dubai of China, the Ocean Flower Island is located in the bay area between Paipu Port and Yangpu Port in Hainan Province. The island is composed of three offshore islands with a planned reclamation area about 8 square kilometers. It’s named for the graphic design resembling three blossoming followers in the sea. Invested with 24.6 billion dollars by the Evergrande Real Estate Group, the Ocean Flower Island has developed into a tourist resort island offering public entertainment, business exchange, club member sports and vacation services. Since its overall opening in 2020, it has drawn an endless stream of global tourists.


▲ Aerial view of Ocean Flower Island (this picture originates from the internet)


During the light show period, tourists setting foot on the Ocean Flower Island will be warmly received by the rapidly-changing beams of light in a dynamic rhythm from the two sides of the entrance bridge. Festive jubilation and vitality permeate the air. The most appealing of the light show is the Twin Towers echoing with the bridge.In the core stage, blessings like “A Good Start in the New Year” and “Happy Lantern Festival” are unfolded on the external facade. The festivity of Spring Festival warms the heart of everyone present; the gorgeously colored and futuristic alternating patterns present a delightful visual feast brought by technology and a lively atmosphere to celebrate the Spring Festival. 




Almost at a height of 100 meters, the Twin Towers of the Ocean Flower Island are uniquely shaped. How is the remarkable light show produced from the Twin Towers? It turns out that the LED displays used by the Twin Towers are customized LED light strips from Unilumin. The LED light strips connected on the external facades of the Twin Towers make up a display area of 18500㎡ and present 8K HD pictures in diversified forms. In addition to the holidays, the brightly colored and creative pictures will jump on the giant display of the Twin Towers when the night falls, making a highlight of the Ocean Flower Island.




As a key landmark of the Ocean Flower Island, the Twin Towers have drawn worldwide attention and gradually grown into an important signature landmark reflective of the image of Hainan as an international tourist island. The light show will be put on during important holidays like the Spring Festival, National Day Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival to have people embrace the festivity. It’s also presented during important events and public welfare publicity events to further improve the quality of the night-time economy and add luster to this world-class cultural tourism resort.




In response to the booming night-time economy and cultural tourism, Unilumin will continue to focus on technological innovation, deliver more and better quality night cultural tour projects with better cultural and creative light visual display integration solutions. Unilumin will further contribute to a better light environment and a better life for all people.