Our main services are high-performance LED application products and solutions. We provide professional LED display and control systems for customers, which have been widely used in various advertising and information display systems such as the financial industry, post and telecommunications industry, power industry, intelligent transportation industry, building automation industry, commerce, stations, subways, ports and docks, sports venues, advertising industry, entertainment industry, etc.


We specialize in the development of customized professional LED solutions and products to communicate and illuminate in an integrated, interactive, and effective manner.

Our design and development process offers customers a unique combination of technology expertise, proven engineering experience, and a commitment to quality. With this approach, we consistently design and manufacture high-performance LED lighting solutions produced to the highest quality standards and optimized to meet your commercial as well as your technical requirements.


We provide industry leading LED screen rental for enhancing a wide array of events. With extensive nationwide rental coverage. From parties, concerts, festivals, sporting events, or community gatherings to giant nationwide productions, we are ready to elevate your event experience.

The rental LED screens are perfect for events and conferences with small budgets that require an effective visual impact. The setup time for these devices is very short and they are an excellent addition to communicate in short events.

Modular LED screens offer incredible flexibility and creativity when it comes to deciding the size and shape of the screen you need. Also, we can create custom digital display screens for your business by running them around at angles or even objects.

Our floor display stands can be used to inform and impact audiences in different environments, like shopping malls, jewelry shops, optical stores, or other businesses in which dealers can use them to effectively deliver the information on products or promotions to their visitors.

If you need it, you could also use your rental LED screens and digital floor display stands Screens when visiting your clients or during trade shows events, like conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, or product launches.

Why rent LED screens for events or performances?

The LED screen rental service that we provide at Unilumin is specially designed to provide high-quality, high-resolution visual effects. Can rent LED screens indoors for conventions, theaters, auditoriums, dining rooms, press rooms, and trade fair stands... or choose to rent outdoor LED screens for events and concerts.

We have our own LED screens of different sizes and characteristics.

Our LED screen rental service aims to offer marketing activities so that digital content or live broadcasts of your events can be viewed.

Renting LED screens for events, promotions or performances means giving a quality boost to your marketing actions. We know very well the great impact of an LED screen, and that's why we guarantee successful results.


We are one of the trusted companies in this business that is involved in presenting a range of LED Display Maintenance Services. These LED Display Maintenance Services are rendered by our highly experienced team of professionals. Also, we deliver these services as per the precise needs and requirements of our clients.

After delivery and installation, you naturally want your system to continue functioning optimally. Proper maintenance extends the service life and maintains quality. Because we develop, produce, and manage our own systems, we know better than anyone else what it takes to make the systems function reliably. Our experienced support organization ensures proper corrective and preventive maintenance, ensuring maximum performance of your system.

The Company provides monthly and annual Professional Maintenance Contracts that ensure the workflow and performance of the work of the systems in the perfect manner while providing Emergency Alternative Solutions along with all necessary spare parts.